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IT Security Tip #5 – Banks and Business Accounts

This may shock you about bank fraud on business accounts. Did you know your company’s bank account doesn’t enjoy the same protections as a personal bank account? For example, if a hacker takes money from your business account, the bank ...

IT Security Tip #4: Use strong passwords!

Thanks to powerful brute-force-attack software readily available online, hackers can try tens of millions of possible password combinations per second. For example, hacking software can guess a five-character password under 20 minutes. If you only use lowercase letters, it’s 12 ...

IT Security Tip #3: Don’t click this type of Pop Up!

You’re working at your computer when all of the sudden – BAM! – you get a pop-up notification that your PC is infected with a virus or some other dire warning and it prompts you to either click on something ...

IT Security Tip #2: How to spot a phishing e-mail

A “phishing” e-mail is a bogus e-mail that is carefully designed to look like a legitimate request from a site or someone you trust in order to trick you into doing something that benefits the sender. It could be to ...

IT Security Tip #1: How to foil “RansomWare”

The first tip in our Internet Security series is about a hot topic called “Ransomware”. Short for “ransom software”, ransomware has been around for a very long time, but not widely used by the cyber criminals until the past couple ...


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