Cole Informatics Knows Value
We Value Your Business’s Well-Being.

Everything we do is geared towards keeping the wheels of your business turning.  We understand that your, and your staff’s time is valuable.

We tell every Cole Informatics team member on day one – “If a client calls us, it’s because they’re not working as expected…not to chat with us.”  Time is most definitely money. When you experience downtime, you also bleed revenue and costs pile up.

The good news is that we know how to:

  • Prevent downtime, and
  • If it does occur, we dive in as a team to solve it.

We Know That IT Is All About Value.

When we first meet with a prospective client, we like to speak with the owner or a senior level manager—and, we offer the same when they contact us for help.  They have the same technology dependencies as big companies, but can’t justify the enormous overhead associated with in-house IT employees (even if they could find ones with the skills to do things right).  The best IT resource knows so much more than “feeds and speeds”…they know why you need it (or why you don’t!).

Our Clients Value Us As Well.

Our interest in our clients’ well-being is clearly evident in their retention with Cole Informatics. Some have been with us since our doors opened in 2003. They know that we bring as much value as possible to their business. Oftentimes, this value isn’t strictly technical, but about other aspects of their business that are dependent on using the right technology.

We Strive For Perfection & Trust.

While perfection isn’t realistically attainable by anyone, we strive for it in everything we do.  We are the first to kick ourselves when something falls short.

We don’t dodge the enormous responsibilities that come with opportunities to lead. We are often one of the only objective participants in a client’s situation, and we carefully weigh our understanding of their business objectives with our expert technical and relevant business advice.  This helps them get past the obstacles they face much more quickly than they could alone.

We Will Earn Your Trust.

We know that we have to earn our clients’ trust.  We do this by doing what we say we’ll do, when we say we’ll do it.  This way, they get the right resources to solve a problem the first time—saving them time and money.

We can do the same for you.

Terry was able to create whatever I’ve envisioned and even restored most of our data during a major server crash in 2009. I appreciate the work Terry and his team does. On more than one occasion, they have bent over backwards to get what needs to be done completed. Terry is better than anyone I have seen; no one has come close to his professionalism and the expertise he and his company provide. I highly recommend Terry to anyone needing help with IT at their business.”

Computer Support
Henry Lamb, CEO & Founder, Sovereignty International and Freedom21

When choosing an IT and business telephone services company in Lexington, TN, make sure they value your business’s well being, and bring as much value as possible to your business. —Cole Informatics will.  731.249.5700

Always a good experience when dealing with Terry.”

Computer Support
Brandon B., Client

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